Helping with Family Problems on Divorce or Separation

Family Mediation – Helping with Family Problems

We are a Family Mediation Service within a long established Firm of Solicitors in Newcastle Upon Tyne that provides Legal Aid and Private Family Mediation – helping with family problems.

We can arrange both MIAMs  (initial meetings) and Joint Mediation Meetings. You can discuss Mediation with us where you have been ordered to attend a MIAM by the court.

You do have to attend a  Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (individual meeting) if you wish to apply to court or if court proceedings have started and a Judge orders you to attend.

We have helped many couples and families resolve their problems using Mediation without them having to go to court to ask a Judge to make a decision for them.

Our Children Specialist  Mediator can give your children a voice in the mediation.

Are you willing to try Family Mediation?